Friday, August 21, 2009

Note to self!

Remember not to color hair purple at home ever again! Not only is the shower purple, but pretty much my whole body and nails. I touched up my pink in the front and wanted to add a little pizzaz to the color that had faded out on the rest of my hair - not worth it! Now I just have to hope that I can get my skin back to normal before my daughter's 3rd birthday party on Sunday. Not cool people, not cool! On another note, Happy Birthday to my daughter Lily who turned 3 today! I also uploaded a few of my newly revamped art pendant necklaces today on etsy.


  1. (followed from etsy forum) good luck to you on your new blog. And also on getting the purple stain off of everything. I had blue hair for 5 months and with the retouches I think almost all of my towels and pillow cases got 'blued'. As far as getting it off your body I recommend adding lemon juice to an exfoliant (I use a sugar scrub)