Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy busy busy!

I have been so busy with life, its crazy! My daughter is in preschool now and its kind of far away so that involves lots of driving with a baby who doesn't really like his car seat all that much. Not a lot of fun really. I also have been working on a whole sale order that came in last week. I had to order a bunch of stuff and it is now just coming in the mail. I still have a ton to do, but I am so thankful to be full filling the order!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Designs Up

My jewelry is up at Posh and Prim, yay!

Line Sheet

So I am going to be making a line sheet to take to local boutiques so that I can hopefully get them to buy some of my jewelry, but the task of making it "perfect" is daunting! I desperately want to get into some stores and get more people wearing my cute jewelry, partly for the money but mostly for the pleasure of sharing the love I have for making my creations. - side note, do you have any idea how hard it is to write a blog when you are typing with one hand AND bouncing up and down to get a baby to sleep?

OOoo they are finally mowing my lawn in the backyard right now after not showing for 3 weeks! I was beginning to feel like a hillbilly. Anyway, I have re-done my banner in my etsy store and background on myspace and while you are there still, add me ad your friend! I am also having a graphic designer on etsy make me a cute logo to add to my cards, line sheet, etc. Can't wait to see it when its done!

Okay, J is finally asleep so I will go put him down now and hope to get lots accomplished!
These pieces, and a few more, were sent earlier this week to Posh and Prim Boutique and should be up soon, hopefully.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lily's Birthday Party

My daughter's birthday was yesterday at a local zoo. The spot we rented for the party was much further away than we had thought and my husband was none too pleased about having to lug all of the birthday goods to our spot. We luckily had a little portable potty for the kids if they needed to go because the bathroom was also pretty far for a small child to get to in time. There was luckily some shade that we could pull the tables into and a nice breeze so the heat wasn't so bad. The party it self went pretty well. Lily had fun and that's really all that matters.

It was a very busy weekend! Besides the party my family was visiting from out of state on Saturday and my friend and I made Lily's birthday cake, which was quite an experience in itself. The very yummy moist chocolate cake that I made really wasn't suitable for a sheet cake and my lack of experience with such a large size cake. When I flipped it out it totally broke apart but my friend was able to "glue" back together with her magical frosting skills! No one had any idea by the look of the cake that it had ever broken. My friend was such a life saver!

After we got home from the party, opened all of the presents, finally got Lily to bed, we were all completely exhausted. Now today, back to the norm of trying to keep up with everything. Joshua is just waking up from his nap, Lily is hanging out with me on the couch, and the pendants I just made are drying on the counter top. Now to try to get to the market and post office some how. Argh.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Posh and Prim

I am going to start selling at Posh and Prim online as well as my etsy store. I am almost done making the pieces I am going to be sending in and hope to be done by Monday. Posh and Prim is a cute website where they only sell pieces that are handmade and have been published in a few magazines, as well as on CNN's Small Business recently. They even have free shipping and gift packaging! Look for my name on their website in the next few weeks. <3

In this picture is my at home upstairs hallway studio where I usually make my creations so that they aren't spread all over the house, but that does happen on occation. Can you tell I like pink?